Thursday, September 24, 2020

Today -100: September 24, 1920: Of world serieses, sacks, and internal matters

As the “Black Sox” investigation continues, rumors say the Chicago White Sox won’t dare cross the gamblers by winning this year’s World Series (the Sox are doing well this year).

The French National Assembly elects Alexandre Millerand president.

As British authorities claim to be reestablishing discipline in its security forces in Ireland after the Sack of Balbriggan, three more towns are sacked. Cops burn houses and shoot people. And Gen. Sir Nevil Macready, commander of the military forces in Ireland, says more such reprisals may be necessary if IRA guerilla warfare continues.

Harding says the US should officially shut up about Ireland, which is an internal matter for Britain. The Senate vote of sympathy for Irish aspirations during the Paris peace talks last year is as far as he thinks the US can go (he doesn’t mention that he voted against it). It’s also none of the League of Nations’s business, he says.

Cox says Republican agents are going around the country in advance of Cox’s campaign tour,  telling newspaper editors not to print news of his events and providing them embarrassing questions to ask Cox (such as Hey, aren’t you totally controlled by the liquor interests?).

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