Tuesday, September 29, 2020

Today -100: September 29, 1920: Of semi-official lynch law, eight men out, and something else for Samuel L. Jackson to have had it with

Sinn Féiners raid an army barracks at Mallow, County Cork and seize a large quantity of arms. Later, the town is burned, presumably by Black and Tans, although the article is short on details. A curfew prevents the Cork fire brigade coming to help put out the fire. The Black and Tan state terrorism is being denounced in English papers, the Times deploring “semi-official lynch law.” The Chief Secretary for Ireland, Sir Hamar Greenwood denies that “the Government  connives at or supports reprisals.” The government totally connives at and supports reprisals. He also says there have only been a few reprisals and the damage done during them has been exaggerated.

The Cox campaign has been begging Woodrow Wilson to help, and WW has finally decided to... write some letters. Not about Cox. About the League of Nations.

8 players in the Chicago White Sox (7 still on the team) are indicted for fixing the 1919 World Series. Owner Charles Comiskey suspends the 7, so the team probably won’t be winning the pennant this year after all. The Yankees’ owners offer Comiskey the use of their players, but that would be against the rules. Two of the players have already admitted their guilt to the Grand Jury and implicated the others.

The annual (and possibly only) convention of the Industrial and Commercial Council of People of African Descent hears that there are negroes ready to take over agricultural work in California if/when Asians are barred.

Inventor Parker Bradley demonstrates a fireproof airplane. Fireworks were set off... inside the plane while it was flying?

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