Friday, September 18, 2020

Today -100: September 18, 1920: God Almighty provided that the fathers of America should be white men

Theodore Roosevelt Jr. says that FDR is “a maverick. He does not have the brand of our family.” Wouldn’t surprise me if there was an actual brand, maybe a bull moose.

Headline of the Day -100: 

Harding accuses Franklin Roosevelt of being connected with the “rape of Haiti and San Domingo,” meaning that as assistant secretary of the Navy he had oversight of the occupation of those countries – FDR’s been bragging recently about having written Haiti’s constitution, which he didn’t. Harding says thousands of Haitians were killed by US marines since the 1915 invasion of Haiti “in order to establish laws drafted by the assistant secretary of the Navy, to secure a vote in the League.” FDR responds that there was no objection to those invasions at the time (in the US Senate anyway; there was quite a bit of objection in Haiti and San Domingo) and calls Harding’s statement “merest dribble” which won’t rouse racial hatreds as Harding intends or “deceive intelligent Americans.”

The British government denies planning to arm the Ulster Volunteers, although it says any citizen willing to help maintain order and allegiance to the King can be enrolled, Catholic or Protestant, which is not especially reassuring.

Circulars are found which suggest that the Wall Street bombing was the work of anarchists possibly associated with last year’s bombings.

Speaking in San Francisco, Democratic presidential nominee James Cox accuses Harding of being both a reactionary and the property of a Senate oligarchy which determines his course and censors his words. He also says Harding always reflects the views of the most recent delegation to Marion, Ohio, promising the country “a chameleon policy.” For example, Harding changed his mind for on the subject of Japanese immigration after receiving a delegation of racists from California (including racist Gov. William Stephens), whereas Cox’s view has always been that “If California does not desire her lands to come into the possession of Orientals, she may expect, in consonance with the established democratic principle, the genuine cooperation of the national government in the working out of a plan where by she excludes the Oriental settler. There is nothing evasive about this.” He also says “God Almighty provided that the fathers of America should be white men.”

In Sacramento, Cox says that the US is incredibly prosperous after 8 years of Democratic rule: “I am the only presidential candidate in all the history of America who ever passed from the salt water of the Atlantic to the salt water of the Pacific without seeing a tramp anywhere in this country.”

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