Thursday, February 11, 2021

Today -100: February 11, 1921: There will be less talk and more thinking afterwards

A large meeting of Irish moderates in Dublin rejects the Irish Home Rule Act.

A large IRA force is moving on the delightfully named County Cork town of Skibbereen,. A preliminary raid is led by someone who claims, “I am Michael Collins, the killed and much-wanted man.”

Edward Brislane, due to be hanged Friday in Chicago, wants it to be public, in Grant Park. He thinks most supporters of capital punishment couldn’t stick it out, but “there will be less talk and more thinking afterwards.”

The US marines who attacked a Nicaraguan newspaper’s offices are arrested by the US military authorities. 

Warren G. Harding, who has already had to abandon one houseboat when he got it mired in the mud, has a fishing trip ruined by a black cat eating all the bait. Seems like enough metaphors for one vacation.

Sen. James Phelan (D-California) explains that his earlier comparison between negroes in the South and Japanese in the West simply meant that both are race problems because they are unassimilable. Also the Japanese breed like rabbits, so California could become “an Oriental colony tributary to an alien government.” 

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