Friday, February 19, 2021

Today -100: February 19, 1921: Of dastardly crimes, the nature and temperament of women, and horsey lèse-majesté

The National Woman’s Party, Alice Paul’s radical women’s suffrage organization, is dissolved, and in its place a new body is formed, called... the National Woman’s Party. Its goal: to fight for the removal of the legal disabilities of women. Soon, this will take the form of 80+ years of advocacy for the Equal Rights Amendment. Proposals to work instead for world disarmament fail. 

The grand jury investigating the Wall Street bombing of last September comes to a conclusion: It was “a dastardly crime.”

British troops close off 20 blocks of Dublin with barbed wire and conduct house-to-house searches for IRAers. It will take 3 days, during which time no mail or newspapers will be allowed in. 

The French Senate refuses to remove from the section of Civil Code on marriage “The husband owes protection to his wife. The wife owes obedience to her husband.” The Commission appointed to consider the proposal said it would be contrary to good order, dangerous to family life, and “contrary to nature and the temperament of women.”

France is trying to get Poland and Czechoslovakia to form an alliance to work against not only possible German resurgence but the spread of Bolshevism. France would also like to get Romania to join. Slight problem: the Poles and Czechs do not get along. At all.

Britain’s Prince Henry is kicked in the head by a horse. But he’s a royal so you can’t tell the difference. He later became governor-general of Australia. Henry, not the horse.

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