Friday, February 26, 2021

Today -100: February 26, 1921: Of short-termers, corking fights, and blacks in New York

Rep. Patrick McLane (D-Penn.), who was elected to Congress in 1918 but defeated in 1920 by Republican Charles Connell, is unseated by a 161 to 121 vote because of electoral fraud and corruption in the 1918 election, and replaced by his 1918 R. opponent John Farr, who can serve out the remaining... 7 days of the term. He’ll be replaced by Connell in the new Congress next week.

300-400 Sinn FĂ©iners attack police in County Cork and a five-hour fight ensues.

The census shows a 67% increase in the negro population of NYC in the 1910s, compared to 16.9% for the white population. Harlem had barely any black people in 1910.

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