Sunday, February 14, 2021

Today -100: February 14, 1921: Of premiers, fires, and rounds

Chief Secretary for Ireland Sir Hamar Greenwood remarked that Irish Nationalist MP (i.e., a moderate) Joseph Devlin might become the First Premier of the Ulster Parliament. Devlin replies that it’s All-Ireland or nothing.

There have been fires at numerous factories and businesses in Manchester and throughout Lancashire. IRA? Manchester Chief Constable Sir Robert Peacock (!) thinks so.

Arthur Schnitzler’s 20-year-old play Reigen (La Ronde) is not only offending Nazis in Munich, but also the Minister of Interior in Austria, who orders performances halted. The province of Vienna objects to this interference by the federal government, leading to a heated discussion in Parliament. Socialists see reactionary Catholicism in the ban, Christian Socialists see secularism gone mad in the play.

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