Friday, February 05, 2021

Today -100: February 5, 1921: Of strongholds, the battle of the Dimitrioses, mandates, and disarmament

Poet/playwright/fantasy author Lord Dunsany is court-martialed for possessing shotguns and ammunition, and is fined £25. Dunsany claims to be loyal to the Crown, having fought in the Boer and Great wars, and Dunsany Castle “was built as a stronghold to safeguard the power of the Crown.”

Dimitrios Rallis resigns as Greek prime minister after a fight with his Minister of War Dimitrios Gounaris over which one would go to the London conference, that argument being a proxy for the larger one over whether to go to war with the Turkish Nationalists.

Mary Ellen Smith, a suffragist who won her dead husband’s seat in the British Columbia Legislative Assembly in 1918 (slogan: “Women and Children First”), is given what may be the first appointment of a woman to cabinet office in the world, certainly the first in the British Empire, as minister without portfolio.

The League of Nations finally makes public the terms for the British mandate over Palestine, 2 months after they’re submitted. The British government “view with favor the establishment in Palestine of a national home for the Jewish people” while safeguarding the civil and religious rights of everybody. Aaaaannd...

Harding will call an international disarmament conference.  Meanwhile admirals and generals are talking up the importance of battleships, oh and they’d like some aircraft carriers too, please and thank you.

There is unrest in Japanese-occupied Formosa. Taiwanese nationalist Rin Kendo, which sounds like a Star Wars name, says Formosans have come to the conclusion that Japan is attempting to enslave them.

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