Monday, February 22, 2021

Today -100: February 22, 1921: Everyone’s a critic

The publisher and editor of The Little Review (motto: Making No Compromise with the Public Taste), Margaret Anderson and Jane Heap respectively, are each fined
$50 by a NY court for publishing an “improper novel,” James Joyce’s Ulysses, which the magazine serialized 1918-21. The judge calls it “unintelligible.” 

The Syracuse city council bans all forms of jazz dancing.

Harding names his campaign manager Harry Daugherty to be attorney general. The NYT notes that Daugherty is known as a politician rather than a lawyer and is not qualified for the post: “If a best mind is needed anywhere, it is in the Department of Justice. Instead, Mr. Harding has been content to choose merely a best friend.”

Headline of the Day -100:  

The Allied conference in London hears from Greek delegates about the Treaty of Sèvres. The Powers are thinking about revising it – it almost accidentally became more punitive towards Turkey than was intended – to give Turkey back some of the territory given to Greece, but Greece would really like to hold on to Smyrna and claims to be prepared to totally kick Atatürk’s butt.

The next vice president and the speaker of the House won’t get that salary increase after all. So they’ll get $12,000 per year instead of $15k. The speaker rejected the raise because other congresscritters weren’t getting one, so that sunk it for Coolidge as well.

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