Wednesday, February 17, 2021

Today -100: February 17, 1921: These things are done because it is your will that they should be done

A lynch mob in Athens, Georgia burns a black man at the stake.

Arkansas Gov. Thomas McRae vetoes a repeal of the law against cigarettes.

There’s a proposal before the Idaho Legislature to split the state in two. It’s not clear what seething resentment exists between the Northern and Southern Idahoovians. Probably something about the baked potato setting on microwave ovens.

North Dakota can’t find any banks or investment companies to sell its state bonds. I think this is bankers trying to blackmail the ruling party, the Non-Partisan League, into abandoning its policies.

√Čamon de Valera writes a letter to all British MPs accusing British troops of waging war on the Irish people “contrary to all the rules of civilised warfare.” He enumerates the war crimes, telling the MPs, “These things are done because it is your will that they should be done. If you willed otherwise they would cease. It is you, not your troops, who are primarily responsible.”

The IRA are destroying bridges and roads in County Cork to slow down military trucks so they can be more easily ambushed.

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