Thursday, February 25, 2021

Today -100: February 25, 1921: Of states of war, departments of the first importance, invasions, and suicides

The King’s Bench in Dublin rules that a state of war exists in Ireland and therefore civilian courts have no oversight powers over the military. The case is of a man sentenced to death by a court-martial for having a gun, which is not a capital offense under regular law.

Herbert Hoover finally accepts the post of commerce secretary, meaning Harding accepted all of Hoover’s terms for taking the post, which Hoover made public just to show who’s boss. These include “upbuilding the department” and “making a real Department of Commerce,” “a department of the first importance,” with a bigger budget and wider powers. Harding also has to allow him to continue to run his European relief efforts. So a department of the first importance with a part-time head.

Costa Rica invades Panama, occupying Coto province, which arbitrators (US Chief Justice Edward White) had assigned to it.

Martin Drath, an unemployed machinist attempting to commit suicide by gas in his 4th Avenue apartment, gets into a fight with a cop trying to rescue him, thinking the cop was a burglar. So... he doesn’t want to live, but he doesn’t want his stuff stolen either?

The mutinying Kronstadt sailors are “said to be” shelling Petrograd.

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