Thursday, April 17, 2008

Bush, Brown and a “nice hamburger”

Today Bush met with British Prime Minister Gordon Brown for what one of them – I’ll let you guess which one – described as “a fabulous conversation.”

How fabulous? “We spent time talking about the terrorists and extremists.”

HE WANTS TO APPRECIATE: “I want to appreciate the sacrifice of the British troops, their families and the British people.”

FIRED UNDER COURAGE: “Most thankful for the brilliance of the British helicopter crews that fired under courage and helped evacuate wounded Iraqi soldiers.”

THE MEASURE OF SUCCESS IS SUCCESS: “And so, so long as I’m the President, my measure of success is victory and success.”

IRONY ALERT! IRONY ALERT! HEAVY IRONY AHEAD! “We talked about Zimbabwe. And I appreciate Gordon Brown’s strong position on that issue. And I appreciate the fact that he went to the United Nations and made it abundantly clear that which I feel, as well, which is, you can’t have elections unless you’re willing to put the results out. What kind of election is it if you not let the will of the people be known?” Floridian?

Asked if the relationship between his ass and Brown’s lips wasn’t as close as the relationship between his ass and Tony Blair’s lips, Bush said, “We got a great relationship. ... Look, if there wasn’t a personal relationship I wouldn’t be inviting the man to a nice hamburger.” A “nice hamburger”? Metaphor? Euphemism? You be the judge.

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