Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Here in America you’ll find a nation of prayer

Today Pope Benny went to the White House, where Bush greeted him in Latin with the words “Pax Tecum,” which, freely translated, means “Don’t mess with Texas.”

He told the pope, “Here in America you’ll find a nation of prayer.” Mostly praying that you won’t completely fuck the country up before January 20.

He said, “Each day across the world the United States is working to eradicate disease, alleviate poverty, promote peace and bring the light of hope to places still mired in the darkness of tyranny and despair.” The Oval Office, for example.

He told His Ratziness, “In a world where some treat life as something to be debased and discarded, we need your message that all human life is sacred... that ‘each of us is willed, each of us is loved, and each of us is necessary.’” ...

... Hands up anyone who doesn’t have “Every sperm is sacred” running through their head right now.

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