Thursday, April 24, 2008

My whole theory of life was we ought to be asking about results, not necessarily process

This morning, Bush held a White House Summit on Inner-City Children and Faith-Based Schools (or perhaps vice versa).

IN OTHER WORDS: “Over the past seven years we have worked to strengthen the public school system. In other words, we haven’t given up on public schools”. To do that, you’d have had to give a shit about them in the first place.

IN OTHER WORDS: “As a result of accountability measures, I can now say that 8th graders set a record high for math scores. In other words, in order to be able to say that, you have to measure in the first place.”

IMAGINE! “Can you imagine what it would -- what it’s like to be an immigrant coming to America, can’t hardly speak the language, and find great solace in two institutions -- one church and two schools?”

GEORGE’S WHOLE THEORY OF LIFE: “My whole theory of life was we ought to be asking about results, not necessarily process.” By “process,” he means that whole “separation of church and state” processy thing. “[I]t’s in the country’s interest to get beyond the debate of public/private, to recognize this is a critical national asset that provides a critical part of our nation’s fabric in making sure we’re a hopeful place.” He called for the 30+ states whose constitutions ban taxpayer support for religious schools to remove those provisions.

IN OTHER WORDS: “In other words, one way to address the closings of schools is to empower parents to be able to send their children to those schools before they close.”

THE NUN-INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX: “Faith-based schools can continue to serve inner-city children requires a -- to see that that happens requires a commitment from the business community. It’s in corporate America’s interest that our children get a good education”.

BECAUSE GEORGE W. BUSH IS AAAAAAALLL ABOUT THE ACCOUNTABILITY: “You’ve got to be a little worried in our society when somebody says, I don’t think I want to measure. That’s like saying, I don’t want to be held to account.”

WHAT I’D CONSIDER YOURSELF: “I call it educational entrepreneurship -- so I’d consider yourself entrepreneurs, social entrepreneurs.”

WHAT HOPEFULLY OUT OF THIS MEETING: “Here are some ways -- I mean, these are levels of society that ought to all be involved, and hopefully out of this meeting, that there’s concrete action.”

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