Thursday, April 03, 2008

Bush at the NATO summit: Clearly remembering evil’s face

Bush is attending the MATO NATO summit. Today he made a little speech in which he called NATO “the most successful alliance in history on behalf of human freedom.” Define successful. Also freedom. And history. And human.

He welcomed the invitation extended to Albania, Croatia and Macedonia (well, two out of three) to join NATO, because they “all know the difference between good and evil, because they clearly remember evil’s face.” That’s just rude; you know how sensitive evil is about its appearance.

That was two out of three because Greece is once again blocking Macedonia because of its fucking name. Bush says “The name issue needs to be resolved quickly”. A little late for that: Greece has been pulling this shit since 1992 in one of the longest and silliest temper tantrums in diplomatic history.

Making friends and influencing people: Bush with the Macedonian president and prime minister, with Georgian president Saakashvili, Angela Merkel, and Gordon Brown.

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