Monday, April 07, 2008

We got a meat packer

Today Bush met with some small business owners. “We got a meat packer, an apple processor, we’ve got a grinder, a large equipment manufacturer, education man.” Worst. Porno. Ever.

They’re all making investments, thanks to the stimulus package. “And that’s important, because in times of economic uncertainty, we want people making investment, so when a person buys an apple press, somebody is going to have to manufacture that press. When somebody manufactures that press, it means there’s more likely to be work and income.” And sweet refreshing apple cider! Hooray! George has an MBA, you know.

Bush also made another little speech in favor of the free-trade treaty with Colombia. He says that Uribe has addressed every issue raised by American congresscritters: “He’s addressed violence by demobilizing tens of thousands of paramilitary figures and fighters.” That is, he granted amnesty to right-wing death squads. “He’s addressed attacks on trade unionists by stepping up funding for prosecutions, establishing an independent prosecutors unit, and creating a special program that protects labor activists.” Of course to prosecute, you actually have to catch the killers, which never ever happens in Colombia (11 trade unionists were murdered last month, 700 since 2001). “If this isn’t enough to earn America’s support, what is?” Oh, what indeed?

No speech about Colombia is complete without a few swipes at Hugo Chavez. “Colombia also faces a hostile and anti-American regime in Venezuela which has met with FARC terrorist leaders [at Uribe’s request, Bush doesn’t mention], and deployed troops to the Colombian border as a means of intimidating the Colombian government and its people.” That would be right after Colombia assassinated a FARC leader inside Ecuador.

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