Thursday, May 01, 2014


So not only did Oklahoma botchecute Clayton Lockett, they also tased him that day (why were they trying to x-ray him anyway?), and the IV was stuck in his groin (and then covered with a sheet, which is why they didn’t notice it wasn’t working correctly). And they ran out of their death drugs, so they couldn’t have completed the execution even if they could have found a usable vein.

Says Gov. Mary Fallin, choosing her subordinate, the commissioner of public safety, to conduct an “independent” investigation of the botchecution, “We need to take as long as possible to get the answer right.” I’m sure no one can take as long to get the right answer as you can, Gov. Fallin.

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  1. If they ran out of death drugs to finish Clayton Lockett, what were they planning to use for the next guy they were scheduled to top a couple of hours later?