Tuesday, May 06, 2014

The people of Oklahoma do not have blood on their hands

Oklahoma Gov. Mary Fallin wrote a defense of the botchecution of Clayton Lockett, and the only true sentence in it came right at the beginning: “(Warning: this column contains descriptions of a violent crime and is unsuitable for children)”.

She does admit one thing and only one thing wrong about the botchecution: “the process of death by lethal injection took too long.” Delayed the after-party, and we can’t have that: the champagne went all flat.

She complains that “Some anti-death penalty advocates have even gone so far as to say that all Oklahomans have blood on their hands.” In the next sentence she calls them “out-of-state pundits,” smugly implying that every single person in Oklahoma is as comfortable as she is with torturing people to death, which if true would provide a clue to the identity of the liquid on their hands.

“Justice was served,” Gov. Fallin claims. “The people of Oklahoma do not have blood on their hands. They saw Clayton Lockett for what he was: evil. His execution means he will never again harm or terrorize another person.” Unlike yourself, governor.

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