Thursday, May 08, 2014

Today -100: May 8, 1914: Of tecks, conquests, humanitarian considerations, ethnic cleansing, White House weddings, and rallying geographers

Prince Alexander of Teck, a brother of Queen Mary, is appointed governor-general of Canada.

Several wealthy American idiots take a yacht out to the Coronado Islands, Mexican possessions, and claim them for the United States “by right of conquest.”

Police arrest silent protesters in front of the Rockefellers’ (John D. and Jr’s) NYC houses. One protester who wore a shroud is sentenced to 60 days in the workhouse.

The Mexican rebel air force, which consists of Carranza’s nephew in a biplane, drops a couple of bombs on Mazatlan, killing three men and a baby. Tom Selleck, nooooo!

Pancho Villa complains that the US arms embargo is prolonging the civil war needlessly. Therefore, “every humanitarian consideration” calls for the lifting of the embargo.

Five Mexican rebels are arrested... actually I’m not sure if they’re arrested on the Mexico or Texas side of the border, but the US military grabs them for violating the embargo on contraband of war (they were buying uniforms in the US).

The new hard-line German governor of Alsace-Lorraine intends to expel all French citizens from the Lost Provinces (as France refers to them) or force them to adopt German citizenship. France notes that there are 100,000 Germans living in Paris....

Woodrow Wilson’s daughter Eleanor marries Treasury Secretary William Gibbs McAdoo in the 14th ever White House wedding. He’s 50, with 7 children (two of them older than Eleanor) from his first wife, who died two years ago; she’s 24. They’ll divorce in 20 years and he’ll immediately marry his 26-year-old nurse because ick. McAdoo would later run for president (check back in this space in 10 years or so) and was a US senator from California. Oddly, he was once law partners with a former congresscritter also named William McAdoo, who was not a relation of his. Worst. Sitcom. Ever.

Headline of the Day -100: “Geographers Rally Around Roosevelt.”

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