Sunday, May 04, 2014

Today -100: May 4, 1914: Of military rule, duels, and revolting Mecca

Maj. Holbrook, the new military ruler of the Colorado mining regions, has banned the shipment of arms into Colorado and between regions within Colorado. And he’s ordered the closing of saloons in the disturbed areas.

The IWW, following Upton Sinclair’s lead, is picketing John D. Rockefeller, Jr at his country estate, his NY house, and his church. Rockefeller brings in armed guards, so it’s like Colorado in miniature, or something.

Gen. Frederick Funston, the new military ruler of Vera Cruz,
establishes full military government there, giving up on the pretense that Mexicans would be allowed to run their own city.

Lots of rumors about Huerta resigning.

A Catholic-Greek Orthodox riot in Butler, Pennsylvania leaves one man dying from a stab wound and several injured. One of the Orthodox made a remark about the Catholic Church, and hilarity ensued.

Joseph Caillaux won’t fight that duel after all. His electoral opponent d’Aillières’s seconds contend that the words on his electoral bills didn’t constitute an insult and were about a matter of public interest, so Caillaux isn’t entitled to demand satisfaction. Arbitrators were chosen, who agreed. Who knew there was so much bureaucracy involved in dueling?

Headline of the Day -100: “Mecca Is In Revolt.”

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  1. The Butler riot - a matter of Cross words?