Friday, May 09, 2014

Today -100: May 9, 1914: Of disarmament, cease-fires, refugees, lynch-trains, and what 24¢ will buy you

South Carolina Gov. Coleman Blease joins a debate over medical inspection of school children, saying he will pardon any father who kills a doctor who attempts to examine the father’s daughter against his will, because that’s what he would do.

The UMW orders its Colorado members to comply with the military order to hand in their arms, or be expelled from the union.

Mexico accuses the US of violating the cease-fire by continuing to land troops in Vera Cruz. The US admits doing so, but denies it’s a violation of the cease-fire.

The Federals may or may not have executed a captured US soldier, Private Samuel Parks, an orderly who had gone insane, possibly from sunstroke, and rode off by himself towards Federal lines. A Mexican officer suggests Parks probably went insane from a poisoned cigarette (he means marijuana) given to him by some woman in Vera Cruz.

Huerta still controls most of Mexico’s railroads, I believe, but rebel attacks on Tampico are preventing him getting any oil, so he’s converting locomotives to run on wood.

Secretary of State William Jennings Bryan receives the Mexican Constitutionalist Minister of the Interior, who brought a memorandum detailing the rebels’ friendly attitude towards the American occupation. The Consts view the acceptance of this memorandum as de facto recognition (at least in the parts of Mexico they now control).

Some of the American refugees insist that they were tricked into leaving Mexico. They went aboard ships believing they’d be put back ashore when the rioting in Tampico and Tuxpam was over, and then found themselves in Galveston. The US says it will pay their passage back to Mexico.

A Federal District Court rules that a railroad is liable if one of its trains is chartered by a lynch mob. The widow of the lynchee in this case is awarded $7,000.

A negro, Sylvester Washington, who killed a deputy sheriff is lynched in St. James, Louisiana. Earlier a white guy was mistaken for Washington and shot.

Invention of the Day -100: the vending machine. The first one ever is installed in Macy’s, which rotates the merchandise on offer. Yesterday its offerings, for 24¢, were soaps, face powder, tooth paste, hosiery, garters, shine kits, sanitary supplies.

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