Thursday, May 01, 2014

Today -100: May 1, 1914: Of bull moose, funstons, campaigns of extermination, and teddies with boils

The Progressive (Bull Moose) Party’s executive decides to run full state tickets in all the Northern states this year, focusing on Kansas, Pennsylvania and Illinois, hoping to win 3 US Senate seats. A cablegram is sent to Theodore Roosevelt in Brazil asking him to return.

The US Navy hands control of Vera Cruz over to the US Army, and from the alliterative Rear Admiral Frank Fletcher to the alliterative Gen. Frederick Funston.

If there was ever a man with a name that sounds like he was destined to join the army and become a general, it was Frederick Funston.

A new constitution is promulgated for China by a puppet Constitutional Convention appointed by President Yuan Shikai after he dissolved Parliament in January. Surprisingly, the document gives Yuan Shikai near absolute control.

A truce in the Colorado coal war goes into effect as the federal troops arrive. Yesterday’s armed battles in Forbes and Walsenburg resulted in 15 deaths. A United Mine Workers explains that the strikers welcome the troops if they disarm mine guards and displace the state militia, and if the mines remain closed. That’s adorable. Actually, the mine companies will use the troops as cover to import even more scabs. Major Holbrook is talking about disarming the strikers but not the mine guards. Owners of 19 coal companies refuse the suggestion of Rep. Martin Foster (D-Ill.), chair of the House Mines Committee, for negotiations to be held without recognition of the United Mine Workers union. The owners accuse the UMW of waging a “campaign of extermination” and destroying mines and equipment.

British suffragists heckle the wedding of Noel Buxton, a Liberal MP, asking if he will promise to insist that his wife has the vote. Leaflets are thrown from the gallery.

Theodore Roosevelt is coming home. He has explored the Amazon enough, and is suffering from boils.

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