Friday, May 16, 2014

Today -100: May 16, 1914: The era of brotherhood is not only coming as predicted: it is here

The Wilson administration has banned arms shipments across the border to either side in Mexico but for some reason has no objection to arms being shipped into the rebels’ newly captured port of Tampico, even from the United States. So the rebels are placing large orders. I guess Villa’s policy of not publicly objecting to the US invasion of his country is paying off.

Not knowing what to do with the Mexican snipers captured in Vera Cruz, the US lets them go.

The Constitutionalists capture Tuxpam.

Secretary of State William Jennings Bryan thinks the forthcoming mediation with Mexico is a sign of a “new era of peace efforts” in which arbitration will replace war. “I believe the world is making progress morally. There is evidence of a world-wide moral awakening. The era of brotherhood is not only coming as predicted: it is here.”

British suffragettes burn the grandstands of cricket grounds in Birmingham and London (a message left at the former says “Down with sport and up with fair play for women”). WSPU leaders “General” Flora Drummond and Norah Dacre-Fox are sentenced to one month in prison for disturbing the peace by camping out on the doorsteps of Sir Edward Carson and Lord Lansdowne. They continually interrupted the court procedures, as was the custom, with Drummond reading out inflammatory remarks made by the Ulsterites (“militant men,” as the WSPU is now prone to calling them).

Peru’s coup leader Col. Oscar Benavides is “elected” president by the Congress.

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