Monday, May 05, 2014

Today -100: May 5, 1914: This is why we can’t have nice things

Suffragist Mary Wood hacks up John Singer Sargent’s 1913 portrait of Henry James at the Royal Academy exhibition. The NYT says the militants are all crazy and should be put in asylums and forcibly fed.

The National Association Opposed to Woman Suffrage has chosen an emblem to wear on the day of the D.C. suffrage demonstration in order to break up the suffragist color scheme (which I’m assuming is white, purple and gold). The NAOWS statement says: “The anti-suffragists disapprove strongly of street parades, hikes, and other spectacular and unwomanly tactics employed by suffragists... They realize, however, that absence of any sign of disapproval may be misconstrued by onlookers to be an acquiescence in the clamor of the streets. Consequently, as a means of voicing their disapproval in a quiet and dignified manner they have issued instructions for the wearing of the red rose.”

Some of the witnesses Leo Frank’s lawyers and private dick William Burns found to his innocence have been recanting, claiming they were bribed. Some of these were originally prosecution witnesses, who have now changed their stories twice.

Some US senators are fighting a proposal to accept Rockefeller money for boll weevil extermination. Harry Lane (D-Oregon) says the money is “covered with the blood and tears of women and children shot down in the Colorado strike. ... some folks believe the curse of God is on every dollar he possesses.”

The ABC countries (Argentina, Brazil, Chile) revoke their invitation to the Constitutionalists to join the mediation process, because of Carranza refuses to agree to an armistice.

Zapata issues a proclamation that he will attack Mexico City on Cinco de Mayo, and will execute Huerta and Gen. Blanquet. So, um, no deal with Huerta, as previously reported, huh?

Constitutionalists at Tampico threaten that if any US warships enter the Panuco River, they’ll open up the oil tanks and burn Tampico.

More and more generals are coming out against Huerta, including Gen. Velasco, who is pissed that he got blamed for losing Torreón when the government deprived him of supplies.

It seems that many of the first anti-American flood of recruits into the Mexican army after the occupation of Vera Cruz were sent to fight the rebels instead of the Americans, and arms were only supplied to units fighting the rebels.

British Chancellor of the Exchequer David Lloyd George proposes a soak-the-rich budget, with a “supertax” on incomes above £3,000 and increased land taxes and death duties to pay for increased spending in health, education, insurance, etc.

Gov. Coleman Blease of South Carolina fails badly in getting his supporters elected to the state Democratic Party convention.

The NYT editorial page is indignant at the IWW picketing campaign against John D. Rockefeller, Jr. A “menace to human rights,” they say.

Civil War general Hiram Duryea is shot dead by his lunatic son.

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