Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Today -100: May 20, 1914: Of opera houses, contributions, revolting Albanians, and sewing queens

The Prussian Diet is discussing Kaiser Wilhelm’s demand for money for his new Royal Court Opera, which is funny because when the Diet originally asked for a say in its design, he said that since he was paying for it, he’d do whatever he wanted. Anyway, during the course of the debate, Karl Liebknecht says he hopes the opera house will outlive the monarchy; hilarity ensues.

Oh: it did survive the monarchy, but not the RAF.

Germany insists that what it called a “war tax” when it was voted on is not a war tax when foreign countries complain that it violates various treaties by taxing their citizens living in Germany for military purposes. Germany claims it’s not a “war tax” but a “contribution.”

Mexico’s Constitutionalists say it will not be bound by anything which the Niagara Falls conference, which they refused to attend, decides and they reject the United States having any say in Mexico’s internal issues.

The international fleet representing the Great Powers off of Albania puts marines ashore to protect Prince William from a revolt led by Essad Pasha, who is arrested by I guess the Austrians. (He will be sent to Italy if he signs a promise not to return to Albania without William’s permission).

Queen Mary of Britain tried to organize sewing parties to make clothes for the survivors of the Sicily earthquake, but everyone turned down her invitations, so she gave up.

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