Thursday, May 05, 2005

Emulating popular culture

Evidently today is the National Day of Prayer. George “Hey Laura, This Milk Tastes Kind of Funny” Bush had a bunch of ministers of various religions over to the White House to pray at him. It didn’t help. I’d like to have seen the look on the Catholic priest’s face (Bush called him a pastor) when Bush told him, “Kind of sounded more like a Baptist preacher to me.”

Bush declared, “From the landing of the pilgrims at Plymouth Rock, to the launch of the American Revolution, the men and women who founded this nation in freedom relied on prayer to protect and preserve it.” Also, smallpox-infected blankets. Of course, he couldn’t resist mentioning that God supports our side in its more... vigorous endeavors: “Today, we pray for the troops who are defending our freedom [which he had just explained comes from God] against determined enemies around the globe.” Excellent plan, I’m sure our determined enemies didn’t think of that.

But what does God think about freedom to engage in sexually suggestive cheerleading? As you know, a bill to prohibit such foul practices passed the lower house of the Texas legislature 65-56. Cathie Adams, president of the Texas Eagle Forum, worries that “High school cheerleading was starting to emulate popular culture.” Could be worse: could be the other way around. Although it might make the next Star Wars movie more watchable.

Something is seriously wrong with the condition of Britain today. First I saw this image of a ballot box on the Tory party website, looking like it had been dropped from an airplane.

But then I saw this picture, on the Labour website, of Tony & Cherie Blair casting their ballots, evidently in a barn in Appalachia.

And an email sent out by the LibDems this morning pleaded, “If you are in a part of the country which is forecast bad weather for today, remember that you only get this opportunity to directly affect the direction of our country once every four or five years.” So vote for better weather.

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