Saturday, May 07, 2005

Stronger than the will of an empire

Bush is in Latvia, talking up the Baltic love of freedom and democracy. Putin will not be best pleased. Of course Chimpy being Chimpy, for him the highest proof of the love of freedom is being willing to impose it on other nations at gunpoint, so he keeps praising the Baltic states’ membership in the Coalition of the Willing (COW):
The Latvian, Estonian, and Lithuanian people showed that the love of liberty is stronger than the will of an empire. And today you’re standing for liberty beyond your borders, so that others do not suffer the injustices you have known.
But when the Baltic presidents try to mention all the things the US did to stand for liberty in the Baltics from 1945 to 1991, all they can come up with is that the US never recognized the occupation. Way to stand for liberty beyond your borders, America! Of course Bush’s father tried very hard not to recognize their independence either, saying it would “contribute to anarchy” to do so, so really we were just trying not to recognize Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia at all, like avoiding eye contact when you run into someone on the street you owe money to.

Here’s another sentence from that speech: “Our journey from national independence to equal injustice [sic] included the enslavement of millions, and a four-year civil war.” That’s not my sic, that’s the White House website’s.

There are a couple of moves to appease Putin, including a coded call for the Baltics to stop treating their ethnic Russian populations as second-class citizens. And he insists that democracies aren’t a threat to Russia:
Stable, prosperous democracies are good neighbors, trading in freedom, and posing no threat to anyone.
Just can’t think of a stable, prosperous democracy that’s a threat to other nations, huh?
The United States has free and peaceful nations to the north and south of us. We do not consider ourselves to be encircled; we consider ourselves to be blessed.
You’ll notice he doesn’t ask if Canada and Mexico consider themselves blessed.

In another event, Shrubya goes into student-of-history mode, saying he hopes that “we’re able to learn the lessons from that painful history [the occupation of the Baltics], that tyranny is evil and people deserve to live in a free society.” If he taught history, the final would be really easy. Also, “never again should we allow Jews and gypsies to be exterminated and the world not pay close attention to it.” What more could they ask for?

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