Thursday, May 12, 2005

Surrounded by people that he selects

Movie trivia: the actor who provided the voices for various robot butlers and computers in Woody Allen’s Sleeper is Douglas Rain, the voice of HAL in 2001: A Space Odyssey.

Speaking of robot voices, First Draft has an excellent and entertaining run-down of the Bolton hearings
This party is schizo, seriously. Putting a guy on a box with electrodes attached to his testicles and a hood over his head, beating him bloody, flushing his holy book down the toilet, that’s all in good fun and merely “aggressive,” but calling a guy into a room, making him sit in a chair in a suit and talk to some hairdos about his past, that’s unconscionable torment beyond human capacity to bear. Pick it, wingnuts. You’re either the party of hardass buttkickers, who don’t mind siccing a dog on somebody to get some unreliable info, or you’re the party of screaming little girls who cry when somebody says bad words to them. You can’t be both.
Murkowski at those hearings: “The president deserves to be surrounded by people that he selects.” It’s all about the group sex with these people, isn’t it? [For those not in the know, or reading this 5 years from now because you googled “group sex,” Bolton is alleged to have gone to group-sex clubs].

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