Thursday, May 05, 2005

Mr. Terminator, tear down this wall pink ribbon

As I hinted yesterday, Bush is heading into a minor shitstorm by attending the 60th anniversary of V-E Day in Moscow. It now seems he secretly tried to get Russia to repudiate before then the Nazi-Soviet Pact of 1939 and the subsequent Russian annexation of Latvia, Estonia and Lithuania. Since Bush is going to Moscow by way of Latvia, he’s right in the middle of this, and he has written a letter to the president of Latvia using the word “occupation,” which has pissed the Russians off no end. Russia has not only refused to apologize, it is insisting that there was no annexation, that it was by mutual agreement.

As part of his campaign for Tom DeLay-style redistricting in California, Governor Terminator went to Elk Grove, a Sacramento suburb parts of which are in two different districts, put up a big red length of ribbon at that dividing line down a street showing how cruelly and wantonly divided Elk Grovians had been by this senseless act of redistricting. He then tore the ribbon, to symbolize the reuniting of Elk Grove, like the breaching of the Berlin Wall, except that this wall was entirely fictional. Also, he went to the wrong street, 1/8th of a mile away from the real line, which may have been a deliberate mistake, because where he went was in a gated community, where the protesters who normally follow him around these days can be kept out.

Evidently Schwarzenegger is planning to divide California into districts without the use of lines. I can’t wait to see him try.

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