Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Nobody expects the Spanish inquisition

Spain’s stock market regulator has ruled that directors of corporations must disclose not only their own economic dealings, but also those of their spouses, children and, oh yes, mistresses, boy toys, gay lovers. Twice a year.

The invaluable National Security Archives has documents about Luis Posada Carrile, including FBI reports connecting him to the 1976 plane bombing, CIA records showing his relationship to the Agency.

The Taliban say they don’t need any steenking amnesty. The head of the Afghan committee overseeing the amnesty suggested yesterday that it be expanded to include all Taliban, right up to Mullah Omar, if they lay down their arms. But Pentagon spokesmodel Col. James Yonts responded, “Our position all along has been that those guilty of serious crimes must be responsible for their actions. We believe the government of Afghanistan understands and supports that.” So now an American colonel can over-rule the Afghan government and inform it of what it “understands and supports.” In the chain of command, the “sovereign” Afghan government must be the equivalent of, what, a corporal?

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