Monday, May 02, 2005

Vote Tory and win a date with a dentist

In the British elections, Michael Howard has taken the Clinton idea of running on small policies to laughable extremes. Sez Howard, “People don’t want a date with destiny, they just want a date with the dentist.” Insert your own oral sex/laughing gas joke here. One of his major platform planks is keeping hospitals cleaner. Possibly by closing the National Health Service and sending poor patients to die in the streets, but at least the hospitals will be clean. The latest Tory email (I also signed up for the LibDems, which sent just 1 email the whole campaign, but couldn’t find a place on the Labour site at which to do so, or indeed at the Monster Raving Loony Party’s site) promises that if the Tories win, “on 9th May plans to prevent police officers having to fill in a form every time they stop a yob in the street would be unveiled; and on 6th June NHS trusts will have agreed to put matrons in charge of delivering cleaner hospitals.” They’re also setting their sights on disruptive 8-year olds, wanting to give schools unfettered power to expel unruly students. Here’s a poster they’re running in Scotland (where they currently have 1 MP out of 72).

England being England, Howard has begun speaking in rhyming couplets:
People have had enough of spin and smirk;
they just want someone who’ll make things work.
Mostly, though, it’s all immigrant-bashing, all the time. If you saw Michael Howard on C-SPAN yesterday, you saw a questioner get him to say that he would have kept his own grandparents (Romanian Jews) from immigrating to Britain. However, there are is some sort of invisible line, and one Tory candidate got in trouble for asking “What part of ‘Send them back’ do you not understand?”

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