Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Shout, show, shove, shoot

Health & Human Services Secretary Mike “Pull the Plug” Leavitt suggested that one way to save money in the Medicare program would be getting people in the program to make out living wills.

Well, I’ve been reading the Pentagon whitewash (pdf). The WaPo notes that it was posted “in a form that allowed outside computer specialists to manipulate it and reveal the deleted portions.” That arcane bit of computer “specialist” knowledge, I can reveal to you now, is called cut-and-paste.

The rules of engagement for the Iraqi checkpoint were called “shout, show, shove, shoot,” meaning a car would be successively hit by a searchlight, a green laser pointer, warning shots, and disabling shots. Sounds like a night at the strip club.

The report admits failing to have done proper forensic analysis of the scene, because when they tried, someone threw a hand grenade at them. “As a result, the forensic studies of the car could not be as conclusive as they normally would be.”

The checkpoint had no radar gun, but one of the soldiers was a NYC cop, “trained in vehicle speed estimation.” I’d accept that in lieu of a radar gun... if not for his conflict of interest.

The report confirmed something I knew about way back on March 10, but haven’t heard another word about since: the roadblock was set up around a curve which is less than, ya know, optimal if you want people to actually see your roadblock before you start shooting them. It’s a roadblock, not a speed-trap.

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