Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Tierney outdoofuses Brooks

John Tierney’s NYT column today
displayed such a level of assholery that I feel compelled to violate my usual policy of ignoring the paleo-pundts (every so often I start writing a withering refutation of something David Brooks has said, but I always delete it because life is too short and Brooks is too self-evidently a doofus). Tierney says that suicide bombings in the Middle East are a dog-bites-man story about which there’s nothing new to say and when you’ve seen one you’ve seen them all and he always gets bored and stops reading before the end and the media should just stop reporting them except for the “box score.” Just two points: 1) What is new in each new attack is the unique individuality of the human beings who are its victims; Tierney is treating those victims with the same callous disregard as do the terrorists; 2) Tierney makes the same assumption the terrorists do, that publicity for suicide bombings serve their ends. A less pessimistic view of human nature would be that viewing scenes of carnage would produce disgust for the people who caused them and an increased determination to defeat them.

British archaeologists have found a 2,500-year old leather shoe. Lace-up, size 9 or 10. This is an incredible find, given that half the stuff you’re served in British restaurants looks and tastes like a 2,500-year old leather shoe.

The King of Jordan will pardon Chalabi, without even asking him to return the money he embezzled.

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