Friday, May 13, 2005

We’re not electing Mr. Peepers to go there and just be really happy, and drinking tea with their pinkies up

In the committee meeting on John Bolton, Sen. George Allen said — and it was made even more obnoxious by his delivery than simple words on a computer screen can convey — “We are not electing Mr. Congeniality. We do not need Mr. Milquetoast in the United Nations. We’re not electing Mr. Peepers [a 1950’s sitcom — I never heard of it either] to go there and just be really happy, and drinking tea with their pinkies up.” Folks, this man is on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee and that’s his idea of what diplomacy is like, just a bunch of gay English guys, maybe Eric Blore and Edward Everett Horton.

Having trouble meeting its recruiting targets, the Army will allow suckers recruits to sign up for only 15 months of active duty instead of 4 years, and they promise, cross their hearts, not to extend their tours of duty, they would never do that, how could you even think such a thing?

From the Afghan protests, these students, including one no doubt shouting “Death to America” whilst sporting a backwards baseball cap or possibly just trying to get a hotdog from the vendor, object to the insult to the Holly Quran.

And, not to sound like a right-winger or anything, but is this really the best way to protest the insult to the Holly Quran?

We are informed by multiple news sources that desecrating the Holly Koran is punishable by death in Afghanistan and Pakistan. And I seem to remember that under the Taliban... yes, I’ve looked it up and I posted this back in 1997... recycling paper was made illegal, to prevent Korans being recycled for more profane uses.

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