Friday, May 06, 2005

Humility is something I work on every day

Tom DeLay spoke on the subject of humility at a National Day of Prayer service (I assume all of you who are Americans prayed yesterday, I’m pretty sure it was mandatory). The NYT reports
Mr. DeLay received a standing ovation for his talk. Asked afterward why he chose the topic, he replied smugly, “Humility is something I work on every day.”
I may have added a word to that excerpt.

In the world in brief section Friday, the NYT has what I can only assume was an ironic juxtaposition of two stories from South Africa, one that the government is getting annoyed with criticism of radiation leaks from a nuclear research facility and thinking about introducing legislation to ensure people “speak responsibly on sensitive matters,” the sort of legislation Peter Hain probably remembers well, and a story that SA’s health minister defended her remarks that garlic is an effective treatment for AIDS.

The British election does not bode well for the Northern Irish peace process. David Trimble, the voice of moderation-compared-to-Ian-Paisley, has been defeated for reelection and his party is down to one seat. Paisley was crowing today that “The day has come when we cannot tolerate Sinn Fein/IRA any more,” Ian Paisley being renowned for his tolerance. Sinn Fein is the second largest Northern Ireland party, after Paisley’s DUP, with 5 elected MPs, up from 4. The new Northern Irish Secretary, poor sod, is an interesting choice: Peter Hain, who has been thoroughly assimilated into Blairism, but is a South African and in the 1970s was a prominent anti-apartheid activist in Britain (he had emigrated to Britain with his parents, also anti-apartheidists).

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