Thursday, July 27, 2006

All we are saying, is give fake peace a chance

During a press conference with the Prime Minister [sic] of Romania, Bush said of Lebanon, “I view this as a clash of forms of government.” By which he means the clash between Islamofascism and a plucky democracy. He seems to have forgotten that Israel is also involved. Indeed, he claims to “care deeply about the loss of life” and to be “troubled by the destruction that has taken place in Lebanon,” without actually suggesting that Israel might be in any way connected to that loss of life and that destruction. I guess it’s analogous to his view of Iraq as a clash of forms of government with America a mere innocent bystander.

He came out strongly against a “fake peace”: “not a fake, you know, kind of circumstances that make us all feel better, and then, sure enough, the problem arises again. And that’s the goal of the United States. And we’re working toward that end. And we’re working hard diplomatically. Look, as soon as we can get this resolved the better, obviously, but it must be real. And it can’t be fake.” Would that he were as concerned about real Lebanese as he is about fake peace. He probably once bought a fake Rolex or a fake oil well or fake magic beans, or all three, and as he likes to say:


STOP HITTING YOURSELF: Chinese police insist that activist Fu Xiancai, who exposed the human cost of the Three Gorges Dam, beat himself up, breaking his own neck and leaving him paralyzed:
Officials told Mr Fu’s son, Fu Bing, that investigators had failed to find anyone else’s footprints at the scene of the attack, and had concluded that he must have hit himself.
Just like Bush failed to see Israeli footprints... you get the idea.

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