Thursday, July 20, 2006

A stain that we have not yet wiped clean

Bush went to the NAACP convention, graciously accepting their invitation to speak a full, what, day? two days? in advance. It wasn’t that interesting a speech. He talked about No Child Left Behind, home ownership, the faith-based policy. He mentioned AIDS in Africa but not Sudan (whose vice president he was due to meet an hour later). He did not take questions, although there was a heckler. Most of the entertainment value consisted of trying to decide who looked less comfortable, Jesse Jackson, seated four seats away from Condi, forced to applaud George Bush, or George Bush, forced to pretend to care nearly as much about black people as he does about embryonic stem cells.

He said that slavery and discrimination “placed a stain on America’s founding, a stain that we have not yet wiped clean,” adding, “now that’s why we need slaves, see, to wipe up those stains. Things have just never been as clean since then... what?”


What, like you weren’t thinking the same thing?

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