Monday, July 10, 2006

Not an imposition

Still haven’t seen the “Compact with the Cuban People” report. I guess it’s easier to hide when it’s compact.


We are, however, assured that “This plan is not an imposition [Your in-laws dropping over uninvited is an imposition, a telemarketer calling during dinner is an imposition; this is imperialism or, if you prefer, regime change] but rather is a promise we will keep with the Cuban people [note the odd preposition in “promise with,” no doubt changed from “promise to” when they realized it showed a little too clearly the unilateral nature of the “Compact”] to marshal our resources and expertise [“expertise” developed during 47 years trying to overthrow Castro], and encourage our democratic allies [don’t forget Poland!] to be ready to support Cuba when the inevitable opportunity [he’s gotta die sometime] for genuine change [accept no substitutes] arises. The work of the Commission will ensure that the U.S. Government is fully prepared, if asked [what’s the Spanish for Chalabi?], to assist a genuine Cuban transition government
[accept no substitutes] committed to democracy [you know, eventually, when the people are “ready” for it] and which will lead to Cuba’s reintegration into the inter-American system [taking orders from Washington again, like God intended].”

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