Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Those who sleep in graveyards have nightmares

The House’s gay marriage debate yesterday proved that the stalest cliché is still fresh... if you’re a Republican congresscritter from Texas. Rep. Louie Gohmert boldly declared that “The world did not start with Adam and Steve.”

I still can’t find on the web the cartoon of Hezbollah’s Nasrallah that Israel is dropping on Lebanon. The internet is a great source for propaganda imagery from the World Wars, campaign commercials from the 1950s and so on; I wish someone would make an effort to collect and preserve current examples. Anyway, the Daily Show showed it last night, and quite crude it was too. According to another leaflet that fell from the sky, “The saying goes: those who sleep in graveyards have nightmares.” Which I think means that Israel plans to bomb Lebanon’s graveyards too. Because you just can’t be too careful.

By the way, who’s helping all the refugees Israel is creating, to the extent that anyone is? You guessed it:
A tour of Beirut’s shelters offers a revealing look at the power of Hezbollah. Known for its social and charity network as well as its powerhouse political party and its militia, the Shiite Muslim group has once again eclipsed government efforts: Many of the facilities are being run by Hezbollah. The group says it is collaborating with the government at the shelters, but representatives of the government are generally not present.
So when its soldiers were kidnapped by Hezbollah, Israel blew up bridges, roads, etc with the stated goal of making it difficult to move them out of southern Lebanon. And now Israel is demanding that the Lebanese army be deployed into the south. Did they only blow up the north-bound lanes and leave the south-bound ones intact?

Here, for no particular reason, is a Lebanese man releasing a bird in front of the wreckage of his home in a Beirut suburb. It wasn’t bombed by the Israelis, he’s just not very good at home repairs. Kidding, I kid, of course it was bombed by the Israelis.

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