Friday, July 21, 2006

Experiencing somewhat relative peace

You’ve probably heard about the photo-shopped images in Mike DeWine’s campaign commercial (Senate, Ohio) of one of the Twin Towers burning and with a halo. Thought you might like to see the actual ad (30 seconds), and maybe someone can explain to me the eye in the sky.

DeWine’s opponent, one Sherrod Brown, says, “To distort images sacred to so many Americans is just shameful.” Sacred? Sacred? Although the number of violent attacks in Baghdad has been rising, Pentagon spokesmodel Gen. William Caldwell IV finds the bright side, pointing out that violence was declining in some neighborhoods, which are “experiencing somewhat relative peace,” even as it rose in others: “We should note the extreme concentration of attacks in roughly five areas around the city,” he said, adding, “We’re pretty sure once everyone in those five areas has been killed, everything will be copacetic.” I may have made up some of that quote.

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