Friday, July 21, 2006

He mourns the loss of every life

In a WaPo article entitled “In Mideast Strife, Bush Sees a Step To Peace,” White House counselor Dan Bartlett repeats Bush’s line that this is a “moment of clarity.” I’ve been hoping that someone else would comment on this, but isn’t that a term used in 12 Step programs?

Bartlett is also quoted as saying that Bush “mourns the loss of every life.” Mr. Bartlett, whose full title is evidently White House grief counselor, does not say when Bush takes the time to mourn or what form that mourning takes.

People in mourning sometimes exhibit odd behaviour. Here is a picture of Bush at the NAACP convention that wasn’t available when I posted this morning, of Bush “playfully” slapping United States Congressman Al Green of Texas.

Odd how no one else ever seems to be having fun when Bush gets one of his playful moods.

Also, the WaPo’s Dana Milbank demonstrates the problems of my reliance on White House transcripts of such events: after one instance of shouted epithets, Bush said, “I’m almost finished” and Julian Bond responded, “I know you can handle it,” but the entire exchange was not in the transcript, which described the heckling as “applause.”

Here’s a Reuters picture of Camp Delta, Guantanamo Bay.

New “Get Your War On” cartoons available.

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