Monday, July 10, 2006

Compact: A small case containing a mirror, pressed powder, and a powder puff

You will be delighted to hear that the United States has a “Compact with the Cuban People.” I’m sure the Cuban People will also be delighted to hear it. For the moment, though, we’ll all have to be satisfied with a summary, the actual report of the State Department’s Commission for Assistance to a Free Cuba is not yet online (indeed, that link is currently dead) (and some of the report is classified, which some people might consider ironic).

We are told the Compact will “reassure Cubans that the U.S. stands with them in their desire for freedom.” I’m sure they will be very reassured indeed to hear it, and even more to hear that “The message to Cubans is that they will be secure in their homes,” because nothing is more reassuring than a message from a foreign country telling you that you will be secure in your home. We will “undermine regime finances and survival strategies.” And we will give all sorts of aid to a “Cuban Transition Government,” although it is unclear from whence this august body will spring. And there will be “market-based economic opportunities,” although again, opportunities for whom is left a little bit vague.

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