Saturday, February 17, 2007

Capitulating to Jihadist Joe

Headline of the day that doesn’t mean the sort of thing it sounds like it means, from the Miami Herald: “Gay Mayor Reaches out to Hardaway.”

Another headline of the day, from the AP: “U.S. Expects Change After Fidel’s Death.” Lack of breathing, decomposition, that sort of thing.

Rep. Phil Gingrey of Georgia (another congressional doctor who diagnosed Terri Schiavo by video as not being brain–dead): “What we’re doing with this resolution is not a salute to G.I. Joe, it’s a capitulation to Jihadist Joe.” Now with kung fu grip.

Note to Hillary Clinton: I didn’t consider it especially important that you acknowledge that your vote in 2002 allowing Bush to invade Iraq was a mistake, until you dug in so hard against it. Your line that you wouldn’t have voted as you did if you knew then what you know now is intended to make it seem that your failure was to see the future, when it was actually a failure to see what was going on in the present.

An opera version of “The Fly.” Help me, help me.

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