Monday, February 05, 2007

A lesson in intellectual honesty

John McCain has attacked the non-binding resolution against the McCain Plan as intellectually dishonest, saying that Congressional opponents of the “surge” should do more than just vote resolutions of disapproval (which he opposes), but cut off funds (which he opposes). He says it would be demoralizing to the troops, but criticizes it for not going far enough. Or something. Evidently that’s what intellectual honesty is like. This is a bit like when Shrub distinguishes between “true” Muslims who don’t engage in violence and extremism and “false” Muslims, although he presumably believes that they’re both wrong in their religious beliefs and are all going to hell.

McCain even invoked George Orwell, saying that the compromise resolution (which actually is intellectually dishonest, but I have standing to say that, unlike McCain) with its listing of military objectives and benchmarks, imposes “a degree of micromanagement which is absolutely Orwellian.” Yes, I’m sure this is precisely what Orwell was warning against.

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