Wednesday, February 21, 2007

George Bush, the hair follicle benefit, and Porkers

Bush was in Chattanooga today to tour a hospital

and talk about health care. But first, he bestowed yet another of his hilarious nicknames: “Mayor Claude Ramsey of Hamilton County. I told the Mayor, I said, in Texas, we call them county judges. (Laughter.) So I said, I might just call you Judge. And he said, well, Mr. President, you can call me whatever you want to call me. (Laughter.)”

Right off the bat he misspoke: “Now, I believe the federal government has a solemn responsibility to take care of the sick -- I mean, the disabled, the elderly and the poor.” Phew, he almost said that the government had a responsibility to the sick, thank god he caught himself in time.

Most of the speech was the same old same old. He did suggest that one problem with insurance plans is that states add mandates to cover things like “the hair follicle benefit -- well, you don’t need hair follicles, particularly if you have hair.” So he doesn’t believe in a solemn responsibility to take care of the bald.

He didn’t say what states actually require coverage of baldness treatment and if that’s for regular male pattern baldness like some people I know – hi Chris! – or for chemotherapy and the like.

All that health talk made him hungry, so he went to a restaurant called Porkers for some ribs.

Seems a little scared of those ribs. By the way, he went to Porkers with Senator Corker, which sounds like a children’s book.

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