Wednesday, February 14, 2007

He’s that simple

I don’t know why Senate Republicans were so unwilling to debate the war, leaving it to House Republicans like John Boehner (R-Joe’s Tanning Salon) to unleash such devastating analysis as “If we leave, they will follow us home. It’s that simple.” See, you didn’t think it was that simple, but it really is that simple. He warned that “We will give Iran free access to the Middle East” and that “al-Qaeda and terrorist sympathizers around the world are trying to divide us here at home. Over the next few days we have an opportunity to show our enemies that we will not take the bait.” For example, one way he’ll express his determination not to be divided here at home is by accusing Democrats of taking Al Qaida and terrorist sympathizers’ bait.

Tears of a clown

Boehner went on: “We are engaged in a global war now for our very way of life. And every drop of blood that’s been spilled in defense of liberty and freedom from the American Revolution to this very moment is for nothing if we’re unwilling to stand up and fight this threat.” So if we withdraw from Iraq, we’re going to have to fight the British for our independence again. It’s that simple.

Speaking of blood spilled for nothing, on Monday John McCain invoked Vietnam, saying that he was worried about a Tet Offensive in Iraq, “you know, some large-scale tact that could then switch American public opinion the way that the Tet Offensive did.” McCain thinks American public opinion still supports this war, that’s just how not at all completely out of touch with reality he is.

Gen. Aboud Qanbar, the guy Maliki put in charge of the Baghdad crackdown over American objections (that’s him on the left at a meeting with American military people, well-prepared in case they start shooting rubber bands at him),

has announced some of the measures he’ll be taking. Curfew will now start at 8 instead of 9, which I’m sure will make all sorts of difference. The borders with Iran and Syria will be closed for three days, starting at a date to be announced, which should be a mild inconvenience. They’ll open mail and eavesdrop on phone calls. There will be “emergency trials.” Anyone occupying a house illegally should move out within the next 15 days. That one would be enforceable if they had records which they don’t have and about a million more troops. In other words, Qanbar is as big a blowhard as Maliki.

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