Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Fantastic places in which to learn things

A military investigation has totally and completely disproved the claims of a Marine sergeant that Guantanamo prisoners are commonly hit by guards. The investigation was thoroughly investigated by the appropriately named Col. Richard Basset, who followed up all leads, except actually talking with any prisoners. But the guards say they didn’t do it, and that’s good enough for Col. Basset, who is therefore accusing the paralegal who reported that she’d overheard guards bragging about the beatings of filing a false report.

I just found a letter to the New York Times Magazine from 7/3/05 from one Anne M. Shattuck, which I must have torn out meaning to blog, which asks if the reason gay marriage arouses such hatred is that its egalitarian model of a family, without gender-based tasks, where each partner’s paid work is valued equally, poses a threat to sexist gender roles.

Bush went to Shenandoah National Park today to praise the National Park System. He pointed out that the White House is managed by the National Park System and said that parks “are fantastic places in which to learn things”. Not that he’s learned a damned thing in the last 6 years living in a building run by the park system, of course. Bush, as is his custom, expressed his commitment to the environment by traveling to a site of natural beauty using an assortment of environmentally friendly vehicles.

But, really, Bush is quite concerned about global warming, as demonstrated by this article on the White House website purporting to demonstrate that he has supported efforts to address global warming since the very start of his presidency – only they call it climate change in the article because of course they’re not allowed to use the term global warming.

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