Thursday, February 01, 2007

I’m worried about the diminution of democratic institution

Atrios pointed out the hilarious comments on Joe Biden’s blog. So very... articulate.
(Update: a few hours later, some negative comments are showing up, although possibly they were just posted after the censor went home for the night. [Update to the update: and have mostly disappeared this morning.] Here’s how you know there’s something unnatural about this comment section: almost no misspellings.)

Chavez has his powers to legislate by decree, and not just legislate: he can set taxes and compensation for nationalized industries, he can equalize income, whatever that means, and he can set the terms of a “transformation of the institutions of the state” (the powers surrendered to him by the legislature are exceedingly vague).

And Bush, in an interview yesterday on Fox with Neil Cavuto, who spoon-fed him most of his answers, agrees with me (I typed that with gritted teeth. Which I can tell you is pretty painful): “And I’m worried about the diminution of democratic institution, as well as — as well as nationalization efforts that may or may not be taking place.”

This morning Bush had an event about childhood obesity. This followed a hearty National Prayer Breakfast. That sanctimony goes straight to your thighs, you know. He exclaimed that America is “an amazing country, isn’t it, when people from all walks of life gather to recognize our dependence on an Almighty God, and to ask him for blessings in our life.” Yes, an amazing country – we invented prayer, you know. He also finds it “interesting” that “you’re working a rope line and people come up and say, ‘Mr. President, I am praying for you and your family to get a fucking clue.’” I may have added the last five words.

He also said – prepare to vomit – “During this time of war, we thank God that we are part of a nation that produces courageous men and women who volunteer to defend us.”

And, lo, the Dragon Lady sat down with the Maverick.

There was even musical entertainment. I swear to you, that’s the head of the Human Genome Project.

What is this man laughing about?

Full of prayer, or full of gas, you be the judge.

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