Friday, February 16, 2007

Signs of progress

A spokesmodel for Gen. Qanbar went on Iraqi state television to brag that “only” ten murdered corpses were found in Baghdad last night. Hurrah!

A Venezuelan court imposed a fine of $20,000 or so on an opposition newspaper after a humor writer wrote a parody of a conversation between Hugo Chavez and his 9-year old daughter, whose privacy the writer is accused of violating by writing fictional dialog for her, following a Chavez speech in which he recounted how his daughter complained about the horse in the nation’s coat of arms galloping towards the right, which was subsequently changed.

Speaking of privacy, as in “right of,” Tennessee state rep Stacey Campfield (a man) has introduced a bill to require death certificates for aborted fetuses, thus putting the names of their mothers into the public record. Campfield (a white man) was last seen attempting to join the legislature’s Black Caucus, saying that the KKK has “less racist bylaws” than it does (he didn’t get in)(to the Black Caucus, I mean, not the KKK). Oh, and he’s also a blogging white man.

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