Thursday, February 22, 2007

Immensely proud

The “intelligence” that US spy agencies have provided the IAEA about the Iranian nuclear program has largely turned out to be wrong.

I know, stunning, isn’t it?

For entertainment, listen to BBC interviewer John Humphrys repeatedly demand that Tony Blair apologize to the Iraqis for fucking up their country.


Blair does not apologize.

Indeed, he is “immensely proud.”

He came close to demanding that the Iraqis apologize to him for fucking up his vision of the Ruritanian paradise he planned for them. Mostly, though, he insisted that the chaos and violence had nothing to do with a failure on the part of the invaders to plan for the security of the Iraqi people, but rather its is entirely the fault of terrorists who are simply using the invasion of Iraq as an excuse, instead of, as would have been only fit and proper, thanking us for our magnanimous actions in liberating them.

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